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The SMS service at SMSnu.dk    

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Basic information

Your assigned code may be used for logging in at http://SMSnu.dk. This code must be kept secret as a PIN code, because it is the key giving access to sending SMSes.
Use your account number and password when ordering more SMSes on http://SMSnu.dk/bestil

The account balance is displayed when logging in at http://SMSnu.dk. When the account is below DKK 30.00, DKK 10.00 and DKK 0.00 an e-mail is sent to your e-mail address.

When forwarding e-mail to a mobile phone the address to be used is


The maximum length of each message is 1 SMS, as this is the most optimal for e-mail forwarding. The maximum may be changed to 9, however.

The recipients of SMSes may normally not respond to SMS through SMSnu.dk. However, custom solutions can be made.

SMS to e-mail

Send a SMS to +45 60 62 05 00 with the contents
e-mail address text
eg.. send@moremoney.com I need 100 dollars
'text' will be sent to 'e-mail address'. In the e-mail address an '*' may substitute the '@'

Mailing lists

If you subscribe to a mailing list with your own phone number as my_phonenbr@code.SMSnu.dk, you will often receive a quite long e-mail to be answered as a confirmation to be entered into the list.

This can be a problem, because only 160 characters are sent to the phone.

The solution is to have an address created at SMSnu.dk: , so that all e-mails are sent both as SMS to the phone and as normal e-mails to your e-mail address. This address should then be used when subscribing to the list.

The address is created at no charge by emailing SMSnu.dk citing your code, mobile phone nbr and your own e-mall address or by entering your mobile phone number on the order form for SMS.